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Ralph Pfremmer is an advocate for active living, art and culture, and community development. He is a public speaker, musician and motivator and is available for engagements, performances and organizational enrichment programs.  Please contact via for inquiries.  

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For more than 25 years, Trailnet has brought together friends, organizations and people from many communities to create positive change in the St. Louis bi-state region by encouraging healthy, active living. Trailnet works to improve the quality of life for our families, neighbors, and communities. Our work and our partnerships directly impact local citizens, schools, businesses, communities, and nonprofit agencies throughout our region. Our mission is to lead in fostering healthy, active and vibrant communities where walking, bicycling and the use of public transit are a way of life. 

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The Ralph Account

Swim Bike Run, Clayton Road, chesterfield

Let's give the Swim Bike Run gang a welcome to their new digs. Join the fun and the Ralph Account for a day long worth of holler and swaller.

The Tallboys

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Naked Vine, 1624 Clarkson Road, Chesterfield

Ralph and Loran are at it again. This duo combines classic country, folk and blues with harmonies and humor.

Lend Luke a Paw--The Ralph Account

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Naked Vine, 1624 Clarkson Road, Chesterfield MO 63017

Ralph Pfremmer is the founder of popular music venue, the Wolf Public House in Ballwin MO. He is a singer/songwriter with a passion for storytelling in country, blues and rock genre. He is passionate about charities and limits most of his performances towards helping charities.

Please Read! LEND LUKE A PAW is on a mission to raise money for Luke to receive an Autism Service Dog! Our son Luke is 4 year olds. He is a triplet (the youngest by 38 seconds ;)), and has a 6 year old big brother.

He was diagnosed with Autism at the early age of 2 and has been receiving intensive therapies at a school specializing in Autism. Luke is non-verbal & requires one-on-one attention for most activities. And although this takes much of our time, he is a true blessing in our lives & makes our family who we are! He teaches our family love, kindness, patience & understanding every day!

As Luke gets older, as all kids do, he wants to explore the world be more independent. While this is a wonderful thing & shows Luke’s growth, it also bring us much anxiety & fear for his safety. He likes to wander, and more often than not does not respond to his name.

While researching ways to help Luke & our family with these new experiences, we came across Autism Service Dogs. After many discussions with family, friends & teachers, we have decided an Autism service dog would make a great companion for Luke! Our hope is that having an Autism service dog for Luke will not only give us piece of mind with safety concerns, but also help with calming his emotions & increase Luke’s communication with others!

We are raising money to cover the costs of many expenses that will allow us to get an Autism service dog for Luke. A large portion of the money raised will cover the cost of the Autism service dog to be trained for Luke’s specific needs. The money raised will also cover the cost of our travel and expenses to be instructed as the dog’s primary care giver, paying for the dog and a specialized trainer to visit us at our home & instruct our family with the dog, as well as cover additional safety items that we will need such as a fence for our backyard. Any additional funds raised will go directly to benefit organizations of Autism Service Dogs.

We THANK YOU in advance for the donation & support you are giving our family & Luke!! His smile will tell you the entire reason we are doing this – we love you Lukey!!

Just some last thoughts that my husband once wrote about our experience that we know many people with a special needs child can connect with:

(As we were riding in the car alone one evening - which does not happen very often for parents who have a four year old and a set of two year old triplets – shortly after Luke’s formal diagnosis, I was just mesmerized as I listened to Kelly (my wife) gently speak from her heart and as I felt the fire of her love for Luke warming my own heart and soul.

“John, as I was lying in bed last evening, before I went to sleep, I had this overwhelming and indescribable feeling of being so happy and blessed to be Luke’s mom. I have sometimes wondered what it would feel like to be a mom to a child with a special need, but now I know, and I am so very grateful that God has given Luke to us. I cannot imagine anyone else loving, holding or caring for Luke as we do. When Luke cries, or is sad or needs help I am so very grateful that God has chosen me to be person who gets to hold him and comfort him. I cried tears of joy as I fell to sleep last night, obviously not because I am glad that Luke has Autism – for I wish he did not – but thankful because I have been the one chosen by God to be his mom! I don’t know if any of that makes sense to you, but that is how I feel!”

I sat in silence and let her words reverberate in the inner chamber of my heart, and as she always does, she once again enlightened my soul with the beauty and wonder of God’s love. I could hear within her voice a calm serenity, and as she spoke I knew she was not trying to ‘search’ for the ‘right’ words to say, and I also knew she knew she was never going to be able to put into words the gratitude God had put within her heart for the gift of our son Luke!”)


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